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The Connection Between The Stone & The Cut

You probably guessed that the "emerald" style cut has some relation to an emerald stone... well let's dig into that history!

This specific cut was created to help protect an emerald stone while cutting and setting in jewelry. Emeralds are brittle, often included and blemished in nature, making them naturally susceptible to fractures. Therefore, protecting the gemstone when it is being cut and set in jewelery is important. By fashioning an emerald with its weakest points taken off (the corners), the shape becomes stronger and more durable. In addition to their fragility, Emeralds form in long crystals, which makes a rectangular-shaped cut an obvious place to start to ensure maximum yield.

These considerations around the durability of the stone led to the "emerald-cut" developed for emeralds by lapidaries around the 1500s to prevent accidental chipping or breakage in the cutting process.

As the centuries progressed, expert diamond cutters began to see the benefit of using the emerald-cut on diamonds too. The popularity of emerald-cut diamonds soared during the Art Deco design period (circa. 1925-1935), especially because of their eye-catching, geometric shape.

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