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What Is A Champagne Diamond?

Wondering what makes a champagne diamond different from a traditional white diamond? Well, this term is simply referring to the color of the stone- a champagne diamond is a brown diamond with a noticeable yellow tint, making it resemble the color of champagne.

There are other names for fancy brown colored diamonds depending on their coloring (cognac, chocolate) which can refer to when other hues, like orange and red, are found in a brown diamond. Brown diamonds get their coloring from small amounts of nitrogen trapped during formation- the higher the nitrogen content, the deeper the intensity of the brown color. Champagne diamonds are specifically a brown diamond with that noticibly golden yellow tint.

These fancy colored diamonds make for a stunning piece- they offer a unique look with their warm & rich coloring. If you are in the market for a champagne diamond- whether for an engagement ring or anther custom jewelry project- it is important to know that these stones are still graded with the 4C's- their color, cut, clarity and carat will all play into the quality of a champagne diamond.

As always, when shopping, it's always best to work with a jeweler to understand the true quality of your stone and how it will work in your jewelry piece. Check out some of the champagne diamond designs below that we have in store!

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