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Store Policies & FAQs


Returns & Exchanges

Exchanges for store credit may be made within 30 days of purchase. Product must be in original condition. Discounted and custom items are final sale. No returns for refund.


We guarantee a new, unworn ring will fit. If you receive a ring from Dime & Regal as a gift, please bring it to us for sizing as soon as possible. Engagement rings by Eleanor Finn sold directly off of our sales floor are immediately resized complimentary.

Lashbrook Wedding Bands

Clients will receive free sizing for life after 6 months of purchasing a Lashbrook wedding band and signing off on initial size at the time of purchase.

Eternity Bracelets

If you experience an incomplete weld within the first 30 days of sparking, the eternity bracelet and/or charm will be re-sparked (at the same value) free of charge.

If you break your eternity jewelry at any point, we will re-spark it for $12. If you lost of the chain and/or charm within 6 months of purchase, we will replace the chain or charm at a 50% discount. If you lost the chain and/or charm after 6 months from date of purchase, we will replace the chain or charm at a 25% discount. If you lost the chain and/or charm after 2 years after date of purchase, no discount will be given and customer will be responsible for replacing jewelry at full price.


What is the difference between gold plated and gold filled jewelry?

Gold fill is the high quality alternative to gold plating. Unlike gold plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry has a think layer of 14k gold mechanically bonded to high quality jeweler's brass. While you should not shower or swim with it, gold-filled jewelry can last you years depending on wear.

Do you repair jewelry?

Yes, we do! Even if the jewelry was not purchased at Dime & Regal, we will still repair it. Even though we can do most things, we do not repair watches or platinum jewelry in-house.

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes! Lab-grown diamonds are the same chemically, physically, and optically as mined diamonds -- they're just made in a lab!


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