Dime & Regal


The Idea

DIME & REGAL is a simple elegant shop found in downtown Grand Rapids, MI that stocks local Michigan brands. The store was founded by Courtney Jones, a local business woman and artist, who wanted to create an affordable space for emerging artists and designers to connect their products with the community.  


Style & Quality

SIMPLE + MINIMAL | Dime & Regal is a store based on simple quality living. We want to help our customers find the right product that will complete their lives, homes, and hearts. By helping customers create a regal life through simplicity and affordability, Dime & Regal becomes more than just a shop- it becomes a space where people can create their own simple and beautiful life.

Local Brands

LOCAL HANDMADE PRODUCTS | All of Dime & Regal's products are made by local artisans and designers. You can find a list of our brands in the menu.

The shop sits on the South Division corridor and is a member of the Avenue for the Arts- a community focused on supporting the creative engagement between it's members and merchants.