Dime & Regal


The Idea

DIME & REGAL is a jewelry and gift shop selling handcrafted goods from local artisans and makers. All of our products are made in Michigan and curated around the simple & cozy, hygge lifestyle.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between local artists and customers- to educate why shopping local and buying handmade invigorates the economy, environment and morale in a community. We also strive to support our and emerging artists- each one is an important facet in the Dime & Regal family.


Style & Quality

SIMPLE & COZY | Dime & Regal is a store based on simple, cozy & smart living. We want to help our customers find the right products that will complete their style, homes and hearts. By helping customers create a regal life through simplicity and appreciation, Dime & Regal becomes more than just a shop- it becomes a space where people can create their own hygge life.

Local Brands

LOCAL & HANDMADE | All of Dime & Regal's products are handcrafted by local artisans and designers. Products include jewelry, accessories, apparel, homewares, & gifts. You can find a list of our brands in the menu, as well as shop their goods through our online store!

We currently represent 30 local makers. Of those artists, 23 of them are Women, and 17 live & work in Grand Rapids, MI.