Dime & Regal



“One of my favorite pastimes is going through other peoples jewelry boxes. I take time to admire, ask myself why a certain piece of jewelry works, internally critiquing and curating. Each piece of jewelry has a story, so I ask a lot of questions and get to know the history of each piece and a bit more about its owner.”

That’s the power of jewelry, it conveys something about the character of the creator as well as the owner. With a BA in Studio Arts, Linsey’s initial introduction to jewelry making was at California’s College of the Arts in 2007. Following foundational metalsmithing courses at CCA, she began an apprenticeship with a Bay Area master goldsmith while simultaneously working full time as a stained glass restoration artist. Coupling these fields of study with her love for making art objects has been the foundation of her work. Linsey works with mainly silver and gold, translating ideas through forging, fabrication and casting. She implements straightforward techniques that reflect the simplicity of the jewelry produced.

In addition, Linsey often incorporate different precious, semi-precious and found stones in her work. The finished product retains a handmade quality, which is inherent to its design. Her love of stained glass can be found in the stones used, while the act of building guides the creation of each piece of jewelry from start to finish.

All of Linsey’s jewelry is hancrafted in Michigan where she lives with her husband, their two young daughters, and an obese hamster. All of her materials are sourced from reputable vendors and she is committed to using conflict free stones.