Dime & Regal

Kate Garman


Coming from a background as a carpet designer, Kate Garman is interested in all things involving fringe, the grid and repetition. Garman recently completed her MFA at Tyler School of Art, in which she explored simplifying grid structures by using repetitive symbols and hand-drawn marks. Her love of fashion and pattern soon translated into creating her own clothing as a method of abstaining from the fast fashion industry. 

Each kg piece is unique. Inspired by Garman’s most recent fine art exhibition, the kg brand reinterprets geometric shapes in garments that are both easy to wear and comfortable. Because who wants to waste time wearing tight clothing? 

Meant to be loose and easy to move in, these pieces allow you to eat that whole burrito for lunch, because we know you want to. 

Hand-painted and sewn, these pieces are sure to become your new favorites. Each top is made of painted fabric remnants, allowing kg to produce as little waste as possible. 

Photographer |  Maggie Flanigan