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JANUARY 3, 2024

Jewelry Trends To Follow in 2024

When it comes to jewelry in 2024, the spotlight is on a mix of vintage charm, personalized pieces, minimalist designs, mixed metals, and the timeless elegance of pearls. Here are the trends we think are going to stick around for the year.


No. 1

Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Vintage-inspired jewelry making a bold comeback after last year’s love of modern and sleek design. Designs reminiscent of bygone eras, such as Art Deco, Victorian, and Retro styles, are here to stay (for now). Intricate filigree work, geometric patterns, and ornate detailing add a touch of timeless elegance. Our favorite example is our Diamond Deco Band in 14k yellow gold.

Diamond Deco Band

No. 2

Charm & Personalized Jewelry

We’re in our Charm Era! You all LOVE charms and we do too! We saw a surge with more charm necklaces hitting the market in 2023 and you can bet they’re not going anywhere. They can tell a meaningful story through initial pendants, birthstones, or a charm that is special to you. While we’re getting started with this trend, adding a personal touch to our eternity bracelets is a great place to start!

Get Eternity Bracelet Charms

No. 3

Simple & Substanital Pieces

Less is still more. Think thick hoops, statement rings, and chunky chains that make a powerful statement without overwhelming the overall look. We’re expecting bangles to be part of this trend and we are one of the only stores in the area that offer them as a permanent piece!

Shop Minimal Jewelry

No. 4

Mixed Metals

Screw the rules! We LOVE mixing metals! Whether a single piece of jewelry uses more than one metal or maybe each of your stacking rings are a different metal, we think this trend is for the Cool Girls.

Shop All
No. 5

Radiant & Elongated Cushion Cut Stones

We’re all fawning over Elongated Cushion cut and Radiant cut diamonds – and this trend won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. These are a slightly modern take on classic cuts. They are perfectly timeless and will be in style for decades to come.

2.54ct Elongated Cushion Cut Ring

No. 6


Pearls are the epitome of timeless elegance and they have been having a moment. We aren’t just seeing them in classic strands – pearls are being reinvented in trendy, modern ways. We think dainty seed pearl bracelets, Akoya pearl necklaces, and pearl earrings are going to be a 2024 favorite... as if they weren't already!

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