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Sable Jewelry

Sable is a line of contemporary jewelry inspired by the minimal lifestyle. Each piece we make has a bold and intentional design- embracing the collision of power, strength, and elegance.

Emma Elizabeth Jewelry

Emma Is a local jewelry designer focusing on one-of-a-kind architectural, wearable art. Her designs are elaborate, with bold stone colors and edgy compositions that have a contemporary feel.

Alex Ren Jewelry

Alex of Alex Ren Jewelry takes pride in creating handmade products that support ideals of quality and sustainable design. Each collection is designed with close attention to detail, and enables each customer to express their personal style and vision.

Eleanor Finn Jewelry

Founded by Samantha McIntosh, Eleanor Finn Jewelry is designed and created in Grand Rapids, MI. inspired by the Art Deco era, Eleanor Finn Jewelry encapsulates the beauty of modern vintage.

Castina Bombardo

Castina Is heavily influenced by the colors and shapes she finds within the city. Play and Movement are Important aspects of her work and everyday life as she tends to get bored when she Is stagnant.

Katelyn Elyse Jewelry

Katelyn Elyse Jewelry represents the idea that there is beauty in brokenness. It is the culmination of my creativity, artistic abilities and the acceptance of an ADHD diagnosis. Creating these pieces has given Katelyn a sense of healing and she hopes her jewelry can bring that same feeling to others.

Sarah King

From Sarah’s Bench helps you discover the awe in every day with a refined, minimalist style of high-quality materials and good design.

Jennifer Surine

Wielding torches and hammers, Jen Surine cuts and forms little pieces of wire, and bit by bit assembles one piece at a time to create a wearable piece of sculptural jewelry.


Danyell Roscoe merges modern, classic, and ancient design elements to conceive a design that continues to evolve.


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