Dime & Regal



Hillary Dragon is a local ceramicist who was raised in the Upper Peninsula, and is currently living in the charming neighborhood of Heritage Hill, Grand Rapids with her husband and rescue dog, Rio. She studied ceramics at Michigan State University with a future plan to implement art positively into the lives of others. The allure of clay for her lies in the tactile gratification it affords and the human connection a handmade piece provides between the user and creator. She is a lover of adventure, an average mountain biker, and an aspiring plant lady. Her future dream includes owning her own studio and gallery space where she can teach, host other artists, and be surrounded by creative individuals. She currently works out of the Grand Rapids Pottery community studio.

Hillary uses simplicity and shape to draw in viewers, working primarily in white stoneware or porcelain clay in neutral color palettes. She wants everyone to experience the joy of using a handmade object- discovering the moments of creation from the artist’s touch. She enjoys the magic of making; being in the studio and committing her time to a piece from start to finish.