Dime & Regal



Brent Westrick is a maker located in Marine City, Michigan. He earned a BFA in Fine Arts from Grand Valley State University in 2013. He worked as a screen-printer and the woodworking manager at Uncle Goose in Grand Rapids for a year before starting a brief assistantship with Ken Shenstone in Albion, Michigan. Currently, he maintains a small clay studio at his house.

Each spoon is made from locally sourced cut-offs and scrap wood. Using hand tools such as a small draw knife, hand gouge, and straight knife, each utensil is distilled down. It is important to leave some of the characteristics of the wood present when carving, allowing for the intricacies of the woodgrain to be evident. No two spoons are the same, though they may be from the same block of wood. Once satisfied with the overall appearance and feel, Brent sands each spoon and seals them with a mix of beeswax and mineral oil.

“It is my hope that each spoon adds a hint of the handmade in a world filled with the mass-produced. Thank you for letting my work be part of your daily life.” -Brent