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CreativityCourtney Jones

I recently had a customer come into the store who brought up the topic of staying creative into adulthood. Now I know this is something I clearly have a bias on, but my years being a creative professional has truly shown me how much creativity does for the brain. And life. And happiness. Just trust me for a second (or a few while you read this).


This particular woman worked it the medical field and loved being able to use the other side of her brain through creative activity. She would make sure to take time to paint, draw, or make a scarf. These little additions to your life do more than you think- they strengthen connections in your brain you don’t get elsewhere. They help you see the world. They help you process information. They help you destress. (If this isn’t enough to convince you, read more about the benefits of creativity in a previous post).

These little creative bursts are something we all need- even, no ESPECIALLY, if you work in a more analytical work setting. Now, you may be saying… “But I can’t paint.” or “I’m not creative”. Well thats a bunch of bull. Painting, drawing, sculpting- anything creative, can be learned, or re-learned to be more exact. This concept seems to be unknown to most, as creativity is often understood to be an innate talent found at birth. Well, it’s not. It is found through hours and hours of making, of CREATING. You just have to remind your brain where to start.

Now before you start talking about how bad your memory is, just remember we encourage our children to imagine, to play, to DREAM… don’t let the fear of adulting squash that. Take that step and give your brain back it’s creative juice. Let your mind wander to those hidden areas that have been long forgotten. Because, the point is that they are still there.



CreativityCourtney Jones

If you are anything like me, I STRUGGLE during these winter months. I’m always tired, I lay around the house and barely ever get outside. Michigan is great and I love it with all my heart, but sometimes it is a bitter-sweet kind of love… one that is sometimes hard to see. But here we are, January number 28 for me in this great state, and I may need a bit of a reminder of staying positive and creative in the dark grey winter days…


A few January’s ago, while battling the winter blues, I met a good friend for coffee and we chatted about how we don’t ever paint anymore. Maybe it was the winter blues talking, but I think it was something deeper coming out. Staying creative is hard enough as an adult, so if you add in the stress of work, kids, dirty dishes, laundry mountains, and general life stuff, you barely have the head space to even THINK about your creative practice.

It’s hard. Like REALLY hard. But we knew the benefits of adding in bits of creativity into life, and being 100% honest, we knew it was necessary for our sanity. Being a business woman, I had to evaluate of the ROI of adding ‘creative time’ into my life. So here are a few things to consider when it comes to creativity:

  1. Reduces Stress & Anxiety: Yes. This is in fact, a proven fact. Letting yourself go a bit really does help your brain manage all those feelings and emotions. So, take a dose of creativity to help soothe those stressful times life tosses your way.

  2. Increases Awareness: Being creative helps you see the world around you. It not only helps you look at the world differently, but also process that incoming information with a wider outlook.

  3. Increases Confidence: Ever say to yourself, “I can’t draw” or “I’m not creative enough” Well thats bull. If you practice you will get better! Creativity can be learned.

  4. Builds Resilience: Creativity often comes with those things called MISTAKES. By making, solving, and moving on from mistakes, one not only builds confidence, but also learns how to let go and manage the not-so-perfect aspects of life. Which is pretty much everything.

When you consider all of this it seems pretty straight forward. Creativity is life’s little secret to handle all the crap that happens on a daily basis! Take time for YOU and your creative practice- do the things that stir your brain and fill your heart. Be Creative. Live Regal.

Not sure where to start with all of this? Well, try one of our workshops! We have a little bit for everyone. Nervous? No problem, just email kpischner@dimeandregal.com with any questions!