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FamilyCourtney Jones

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and over the past two years this store has become something quite special around this holiday. Now, I am not a mother myself, but I am surrounded by women who constantly astound me with their power and strength of motherhood. One in particular of course, Samantha, who shares this dream of mine in raising Dime & Regal.

Samantha is a mother of three, four if you include the shop… because let’s be honest, owning a business takes a lot of your heart and soul. I’ve always seen Samantha as some sort of Wonder Woman- someone who still thinks about our little shop while literally giving birth, wrangling three wildlings of a daily basis, potty training, diaper changing, and cleaning nutella covered walls. Yes, you read that correctly. Nutella covered walls. (make sure to read her full interview!)

Even with all of that, Motherhood is still the most sacred and amazing thing for some women. They find it to be utter selflessness, constant challenges, permanent love & hope, and something you just do. It is something that begins before a child is born and lives beyond raising them into adulthood- an infinite bond between people, creating the mass network we call humanity.

Since Dime & Regal is a space for women, we have reached out to our network and interviewed a handful of local moms- all with the goal to find out what Mom’s need and really want for Mother’s Day. Mom’s are incredible and deserve celebration… but does that really include brunch and balloons? 

For some… yes! But it also includes not having to change diapers, chase kids, or partake in potty trips. For some it means a day with family, but also time to themselves… time 100% kid-free. Yes. On Mother’s Day. Sometimes mom just needs a massage, or time to read a book, throw a frisbee, or go shopping with other moms- time to relish in their motherhood, without the stress that comes with it. Moms spend each and every moment of their lives thinking about others, so they need time to focus on themselves and heal their hearts so they can continue to love. We need to make sure they are also taken care of. And given coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. And then some wine.

Women are the foundation of humanity, so take time to recognize them and their efforts. Cherish them. Care for them. Comfort them. Being a mom brings special moments full of love and joy, but it also brings its fair share of struggles and pain. It’s “a journey of being broken & healed many times over with your kids. It’s syncing your heart beat with your little ones & being willing to be pushed to the brink of insanity to give them every opportunity to grow into the best human they can be.” (Ray Ann Barker). 

Now if that isn’t something to celebrate I don’t know what is.

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