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Ok, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day stress. Because it is a thing. A very real thing. Have you ever gone into a store looking for the perfect gift, fully aware of the fine line you are walking? Your thoughts consumed with whether or not they will they like it, if it's their style, and most importantly… will they actually wear it? Well, stop stressing. We can help.

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Picking out jewelry for a loved one is actually quite the intimate process between two people. Because jewelry is worn on the body, it is often used as a way to share identity, style, and personality- which is why the process is a bit stressful at times. Because of this, we have come up with a few ways to help you find the perfect gift:

  1. Metal Type: This is a big one, but luckily usually very apparent. Just take note if they wear gold, rose gold, or silver more often.

  2. Size: Yes. Size Matters. A LOT. So just simply take note if they wear delicate jewelry or something a bit more bold.

  3. Design: This takes a bit more to notice, but your partner will be sure to be impressed if you do! Try to notice if the pieces have complicated design elements (stones, multiple connection points, etched patterns, etc) or a more simple taste. Because this tip is a bit more complicated, here are some photos to help you distinguish:

Detailed Design | by Laurel Karnecki Fine Jewelry

Detailed Design | by Laurel Karnecki Fine Jewelry

Simple Design | by Samantha McIntosh Jewelry

Simple Design | by Samantha McIntosh Jewelry

The necklace by Laurel Karnecki has a few different components that make it more detailed. For one, it has a stone. This automatically adds more detail. Second it has multiple bails (chain hooks) that loop around the stone…. thus more complicated. The necklace by Samantha McIntosh has a simple chain with one tube pendant. Just try to think about how ornate a piece is and then tie that back to your partner’s taste.

Well, those are our tips & tricks to the jewelry buying this valentines day! Hope it helps. And if not, don’t worry, we have a great exchange policy ;)