Dime & Regal

Amber Schaible


Amber currently lives in Grand Rapids, MI and attends Grand Valley State University. She dedicates most of her free time to creating fiber wall art. She began her artistic journey in 2015 and has since featured her art online, at local markets, and through freelance projects. She's passionate about clean-eating, sustainable living, and seeing new places. 

What started as a simple DIY project has turned into a passion for macrame. Unlike other textiles such as knitting or weaving, macrame involves using different types of knots to create wall hangings, necklaces, pillow cases, and many other items. Amber enjoys the intricacy of fiber art, as well as the endless possibilities it offers. She is influenced by her natural surroundings that help create pieces that are balanced, textured, and appealing. Her lakeshore hiking trips have turned into driftwood pursuits, that become part of her unique Michigan driftwood collection. Amber often leaves the cotton cord natural, but sometimes plays with subtle colors from vegetable dying. Her hope is that others will see and appreciate the love and dedication that goes into each knot on every one of her pieces.