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Alternative Wedding Bands

Choosing a wedding band can be a stressful task- so many variables to consider like design, color, karat, profile, stone accents, and if you want comfort fit... but the first thing you should consider is what material you want the ring made out of. This is going to determine all the other options thrown at you.

At the shop, we pride ourselves in not only carrying high quality classics (see our previous post about classic wedding band styles), but also bands made with alternative materials. There are a few different options, so we wanted to share our favorite and bestselling wedding bands!


Black bands have been incredibly popular this year, and our favorite choice for this style and color is ceramic.

Ceramic bands are not the same kind of ceramic as clay pottery or dishes. They are made of titanium carbide- a hard and durable material that is scratch resistant and lightweight, making this ring great long lasting piece.

The sleek look of this material is not the only reason it is our favorite option- it is actually black all the way through the ring. This means if it scratches, it will scratch black, not like other options that are a patina or surface color where a scratch would reveal the base material underneath.

Ceramic bands can come in all different styles, designs and finishes. Our most popular is the flat matte finish band, but we also carry other geometric, beveled, and ridged designs.


Zirconium in its original form is naturally grey-white, but black zirconium is popular in the jewelry industry at the moment. Black zirconium is similar in appearance to ceramic, but it is a completely different material.

To achieve this black finish, zirconium is put through an oxidation process: The zirconium is heated for several hours and it reacts with the air to create a hard, black, coating of zirconium oxide. This black finish is then polished to a high shine, or can be made into a matte finish.

black zirconium is very durable and resistant to scratching, but because the black is a coating, if it is scratched hard enough it will show the original grey-white zirconium color underneath.

Zirconium rings also come in many designs and finishes. Our most popular is the half round polished band, but we also carry geometric styles too!


Another great alternative option is titanium- a strong metal that has a grey silver color. Titanium rings can come in a huge range of designs. They can be textured and polished for an eye-catching finish, they are also super lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

This material is a great option for those looking for an industrial aesthetic and workable function.

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